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last empire war z hack no survey no passwordIt's Halloween, Commander! Have you heard any rumors recently?
We've heard that dozens of kilometers away, a giant "Pumpkin Head" has been sighted! According to the survivors, it's a huge, terrifying Zombie Monster with the head of a pumpkin. Survivors said that after subduing the Pumpkin Head, they found tons of great stuff!
Meanwhile, Halloween Night Candy will open
Trick or Treat! Earn candy and play tricks on your Alliance members. Hurry and join the activities!

Activity Description:
-During Halloween Night Candy, get "Halloween Candy" event items
-World Bosses - Pumpkin Heads appeared. Destroy them to get a "Pumpkin" event item.
-Killing World Map Zombies has a chance to earn "Vampire Earrings" event items.
-Practice Range activities started. Consuming Practice Rounds can earn "Magic Hat" event items.
-Items can be used together to exchange for advanced rewards, or items can be used directly.
-More Halloween themed Base Skins are waiting for you!
Commander, come and join the activity!
For more information, check in-game messages and the Activity center.

Station Officers Improvements
-To better match buildings with Officer attributes, some Officer Stationing attributes have been re-assigned to different buildings
-Stamina Recovery, Marching Speed transferred to the Logistics Center
-Bomb Attack attributes transferred to the Armory
-Tower Attack attribute transferred to the TowersTroops
In this game you are not just worrying about the zombies that are trying to chew your neck out but also the tribes of other survivors.

You have supplies. They want supplies. They are ready to kill you for your supplies. Protect your supplies.

To protect your supplies and forage for others, your home base has legions of troops awaiting your orders.

Last Empire-War Z troops

There are three classifications of troops: light troops, medium troops and heavy troops. Heavy troops are effective against medium troops. Medium troops wipe the floor with light troops and light troops are the best option for taking out heavy troops.

Effective and efficient deployment of your troops is paramount to keeping your resources at a high level. These are a few of the best ways to use your troops.Commander
Your officer has it's own level in view of experience you get from assaults, journeys, items....etc. Every advancement level gives you expertise focuses to appoint to one of three of the underneath classifications. Additionally the higher the advancement the more aptitude focuses you get to distrubute.

These abilities are focused on towards making your armed force stronger

These aptitudes enhance assets and re-search

Misc abilities to bolster you

VIP are included expertise rewards that help you. This will rely on upon the VIP level you are (Levels 1 - 7) and can be initiated with the VIP benefits things.

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