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itunes downloader hack macWe’re really good at buying and selling stuff, and building brands. But if Apple, with its billions in cash, Linux OS, and world - wide R&D can be hacked, so can we. Wasn’t PCI painful enough? How do you place a monetary value on the good will lost to thousands of customers? People are looking for an escape route out of iTunes and anything that requires handing over a credit card to Apple. Is it a vocal minority? I’d say yes, except the hacks keep on coming. I’m not sure the problem has been resolved at all. So I have no idea how long this will go on.

We have enough trouble predicting demand and managing erratic commodity prices and retail price transparency. Do we really all want to be telecomm providers and banks too? I don’t think so. That’s why I say, “Kids… don’t try this at home.” We’re in a pretty good situation with regard to data theft, at least in the US. The TJX data breach and the ones that followed taught us that customers are forgiving as long as it doesn’t cost them any money. It’s annoying to get new credit cards, but nowhere near as annoying as having your gift card account wiped out.

So think of this as a cautionary tale. We’re not software developers, banks, or credit card processors. We’re retailers. And it might be a good idea to stick to our knitting.

One last thing: I am still an iTunes user, and still like most of my Apple - made computers and devices, but this has been so badly handled that I’m shocked. Shouldn’t we have all been asked to change our passwords proactively? It’s a bit like the famous Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field at work: just assume it’s not real that it will go away. Guys, it won’t.Apps[edit]
See also: App Store (iOS)
The App section on iTunes keeps track of all of the apps the user has downloaded or purchased. It also organizes their apps by genre and there is another tab that lets the user see all of their apps. It also informs the user when they have updates available for their apps.

iTunes Store[edit]
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Version 4 of iTunes introduced the iTunes Store, then named the iTunes Music Store, from which iTunes users can buy and download songs for use on a limited number of computers and an unlimited number of iPods. In previous years, purchased music from the iTunes Store were copy protected with Apple's FairPlay digital rights management (DRM) system which allows protected songs to be played on up to five computers at one time, as well as unlimited devices (iPod, AppleTV, etc.) DRM protected songs cannot be played on computers not authorized to the purchaser's iTunes account. At the 2009 Macworld Conference & Expo, it was announced that the iTunes Music Store would be DRM - free, with all songs DRM - free by April 2009.[60]

Apple also announced changes in their price tier. They announced that songs will now cost $0.69, $0.99, or $1.29, but did not elaborate on how they will be priced. Observers expected new hits to be $1.29 while older songs will be the cheaper $0.99 or $0.69 tier.[61] However, many record labels have listed whole catalogs by artists with nothing but $1.29 songs, taking advantage of the price option. Due to this, there are very few songs in the iTunes store with a $0.69 price tag.[62]

In the years since, films, television programs, music videos, podcasts, and the App Store (for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) have been added to iTunes' extensive store catalog.iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get. It’s home to Apple Music, which gives you unlimited access to millions of songs, curated playlists,1 and Beats 1 radio, hosted by Zane Lowe and a team of acclaimed DJs. Enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer on your Mac and PC.
Apple Music makes it easier than ever to play the music you love and the music you’ll love next. Choose from millions of songs, including exclusive releases you can’t get anywhere else. Once you sign up for your free, three - month trial,2 you can add all the music you want to the collection you already have, like purchases from the iTunes Store and songs you’ve imported from CDs. So you never have to miss a beat.
he movie and TV collection you always wished for. Granted.
With over 85,000 movies and more than 300,000 TV shows to choose from, there’s always something great to watch on iTunes.3 Catch up on episodes of your favorite TV shows or hit movies you’ve been meaning to see — anytime, anywhere. Just tap to play, or even download if you’re going somewhere you won’t have Wi - Fi.

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