Blackest Night Team! Injustice Gods Among Us 2.12! IOS/Android


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Brand new Pick a Team Tuesday Video every week! Pick a Team! You choose teams for me and I will review them in the newest 2.12 Blackest Night Update of Injustice Gods Among Us! This time the Blackest Night Team takes over! The Bat Family Team! Consisting the Blackest Night character(s) Batman, Martian Manuhunter, and Hakgirl! ^^ This team compared to the Suicide Squad Team is very competitive!

Let me know if you have a team you would love me to try out in the comment section below, also name your team! ^-^ (If you want :p)

Also, thanks to for the support guys ;)

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Disclaimer: My videos are mostly for showcase and evaluation purposes only, not to meant ruin any player's normal gameplay. Thanks.

As always peace and love when watching my videos, giving them a like, and staying subbed! ^-^

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